Happy Mothering Day 🦋

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Inner peace is my inner compass.

I know the way because I choose

what feels right.

I choose what feels like home.

Inner peace is my way.

Inner peace is my priority.”

~ Lukas Notes




Before I talk about Mother's Day,

I want to begin with Inner Peace.


Lately, I talk a lot about Inner Peace-

because I think that is one

thing that most people want. 


When you think about it, we all come from different stories

and handle our emotional baggage in different ways-




After years of working with people of all different ages,

backgrounds, genders, social status, famous and simpler folk,

I think we have have this in common. 


We crave PEACE.


Now, I realize this means different things to different people; but since the theme month is all about self-love, 

I ask you to ponder what Inner Peace means to you.


Take some time this week and see what you come up with.





 If that means sitting in your backyard watching the birds, or strolling in your neighborhood, or having a cup of tea while listening to a good book, then do it!

Whatevery brings you peace (if only for a few minutes)




And, that brings me to Mother's Day

Aside from the requisite Mother's Day wishes to all~


I want to take another moment to acknowledge

that this day isn't easy and beautiful for everyone.


There are those who wanted to become mothers who weren't able to, there are those whose family situations prevented them from having a loving and healthy relationship with their mother,

and for a variety of circumstances and reasons- this day is a painful reminder.

 While I am extremely Grateful for my children and my own mom~

I send sweet Blessings to everyone; including all of the people who took on the role of Mom, teachers, aunts and uncles, dads.

Today we remember to lovingly be sweet and kind to ourselves and to give unconditional LOVE everywhere we go. 


Have a magical week filled with joy, gratitude, abundance

and a boatload of self-compassion

with a healthy dollop of INNER PEACE!


PS: Grab your gift of Peace (8 minute meditation) Click HERE


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