Finding Our Way Forward

May 11, 2020

Finding Our Way Forward

I know these times have been tough. I know you've been thrown off course and are trying to find your footing.
But, what if I told you that this is a really good time...
Instead of waiting until things go back to "normal"-                                              how about creating a plan for find your way forward?
We've all been given this "cosmic reset" to review what hasn't been working in our lives and to TRULY bring in more abundance, more love, joy, peace and freedom!
"HOW DO I DO THAT?" You ask...
By scheduling a "Back on Track" coaching call with me.
I've heard your requests, listened to your challenges and your needs for additional support.
That's why I created this 3 Session "BACK ON TRACK" coaching package designed with you in mind.
CLICK HERE to find out more:===>BACK ON TRACK
Not ready to sign up yet? It's okay- I'm here when for you.
In the meantime, here are 3 steps to help you get back on track.
Be Patient with yourself. These are uncertain times; and we're all finding our way one step at a time. Gentle approach is best
Commit to one thing daily. Maybe a daily exercise routine, yoga class, sitting down to eat, meditate for 10 minutes; Make a commitment to yourself for at least one thing you can do daily.
Make a Plan. I don't mean a 5 or 10 year plan, I mean- begin to imagine how you want your life to be on the other side of this. Write out some of your dreams and visions for your life. This is a powerful exercise where you get to use your imagination. It's your chance to have a conversation with the Universe to design your life. Start writing down some steps you can take (like: commit to a daily yoga practice, learn a new skill, research, organize your desk) Little steps can lead to bigger steps.
Get creative.
I AM SO BLESSED- One of the things I've been up to- especially these past two months, I have been working with clients- and mostly teaching them how to have a healthy work/life balance. Teaching them how to manage and create some systems and realistic flows that have everyone in the house humming like a well oiled something or other. Being a support for so many is my life's purpose and if I can inspire or make a small difference, it is well worth it!
Many thanks to you who have already reached out to me for support, to book a session, to have some coaching; or even a complimentary session for clarity~ I am happy to help you and provide the tools you need to get through.
I just LOVE it when I get messages like these:
"Catherine is a life changing life saver y’all - life is short- get happy !"
"I have been thinking about our session yesterday, trying to put my experience into words. You gave me so much to think about.   I found your energy to be a perfect balance between compassionate/kindness and encouragement/forward thinking. You let me fill in the blanks and prompted me to trust myself.  I especially connected to the subtle tweaks you suggested in my internal language and the mantra/affirmations you shared with me. The use of symbolism in my visualization was also enlightening.  I left our session feeling peaceful and grounded.  Thank you"
"WOW. Just WOW! I didn't think I could feel the energy through the computer, but I feel so much lighter!"
Reach out to me- I'm here to help!!
I wish you all LOVE, PEACE and GOOD HEALTH
Love, cathie

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