Embrace Your Fear

July 28, 2021

Embrace Your Fear

"Embrace Your Fear"

I'll be the first to admit- this year has been a bit of a drag so far.
For me personally, still going through the ups and downs of cleaning out the estate of a family member, dealing with other people and their greed has been an all consuming task.
I was losing my mojo. A bit lost and finding myself afraid of making the wrong decision, I was starting to feel paralyzed.
But, as I'm a Sagittarius with more than a healthy dose of optimism, I decided to shift my mindset and it turned out to be a game-changer.
How did I do that?
By making the decision to embrace my fear, call in my energy and make decisions from a place of love.💖💖
What also helped me was a text from a coaching client-it helped to steer my thoughts of "woe is me," right back into my authentic self.
You see- I helped her through a difficult time in her life; helped her to see beyond the "illusion" and we began to map out a plan to help her return to her true self.
They say a "rising tide lifts all boats: and it's true- in helping her to become the truest version of herself, helping her to honor her boundaries, to stay true to her values - it reminded me of what I've been put on this earth for.
Her text reminded me that in helping others, we help ourselves.
It is by recognizing the power of our inner strength that gave me the courage to stand back up again.
It's re-affirmed for me how powerful the work is, I LIVE and BREATHE my work and my teachings every day-
I teach others to stand fully in their power and I vow to continue to do the same in my own life..
I will do whatever it takes to keep my inner fire going, so I can help others to transform their lives.
So, that said-
my mojo is Baaaaaack! I'm determined to help everyone who I can and get them to follow their own hearts, uncover their unique gifts and talents; so they can live the life they were born to live.
If' that sounds like you, and you're READY get clarity and focus and take your next steps-
I invite you to book a call with me (it's free, and I promise you'll feel more hopeful ) and who knows?
You just might get your mojo back too!
All Love, All Ways,

ps: Remember, I can't give you inner peace, but I can help you find it within yourself.


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