Begin Again

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When life has become too much to bear-
Begin again
When you can't decide to go here or there-
begin again
When you feel like you've fallen and can't get up-
begin again
When you're running on empty and haven't filled your cup-
begin again
Take hold of your sorrow, regrets and your pain, treat yourself with compassion and-
begin again
Connect with your true self, the YOU that is real,
take your time so you can process, feel and heal
In every NOW moment, we all have the chance to
begin again
Let go of worry, fear and self-doubt.
Find support, take a breath and talk it out.
All will be well if you trust and
begin again.
~catherine epstein 4/3/20
Yes, I wrote this at the beginning of the pandemic- the words just came through me (Divine Inspiration) and it made me feel better.
I shared it with my private clients and my groups- and they found it comforting as well.
At that time, I also created the "Finding Peace in the Pandemic" series. The series ended last week and the response of the participants was amazing!
The day after, I woke up to this email: ===> " I want to thank you for the classes you presented in Finding Peace in the Pandemic Series. I learned so much and enjoyed it. The entire series was so wonderful. I loved it and I would take it again. There is so much information and you are an excellent teacher."<===
I'm so inspired by all the feedback that I'm now putting together a whole new way of getting my teachings out into the world!
In the next month or so, I'll be making some big shifts and changes.
(I know I'm a bit of a tease) 😍
In the meantime, if you've been feeling a bit challenged and "off the rails,"-

I'm continuing the "BACK ON TRACK" specials.

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For additional support ask me about the 1:1 Coaching package (3 session) PLUS you get the self-study course included.
I can't give you inner peace, but I CAN help you find it within yourself.
Have a great week!
love, cathie

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