Make Food Your Friend: Create a Happy and Healthy Relationship with Food...For Good!

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Divine Dining~ Conscious Eating Program

Are you ready to transform the way you eat? Are you ready to try something radically different? Are you ready to release your struggles with food?

 You are invited to step into a wonderful relationship with food; and learn how to make healthy and positive on....

 Early on in my career, I was immersed in the study of consciousness and how to train the mind.  People would approach me and ask me to guide them in using Mindfulness as a tool; especially when it comes to food. Thus, I created Divine Dining in 2008 as a way to teach people to change their approach to food and to help them overcome their issues with eating.

The Divine Dining Program has changed over the years, but remains steadfast in the practice of Mindfulness, steeped with compassion for the self. It's helped countless numbers of people who are willing to identify and address their own eating styles and habits~  and to finally take charge of transformation!

Many people are looking to change their eating habits and to approach mealtime in a healthy way! Make the act of eating a mindful meditation! Divine Dining is about the relationship you have with yourself and your relationship with food. It is the art of bringing your full attention to the act of eating.

~ learn how to let go of old patterns
~ bring mindfulness to the act of eating
~ work with beautiful healing crystals
~ transform your relationship with food

Catherine Epstein, Graduate Gemologist, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach, will lead you through the Divine Dining MethodCoach Catherine


 Divine Dining Book Cover

Are you ready to dig deep into what's been at the core of your food issues? 

Learn what's been holding you back~Notice whatever your resistance is and allow yourself to be okay with it. This is all about learning to speak to ourselves in a much different way that what we are used to.

Remember, we are overcoming and working with some very old patterning~
So, bring awareness to that part of you that wants to judge and criticize....and hold those feelings in tender and compassionate arms

From a recent participant: "I just want to say that this is not an "easy" program~ It's not one where we give the power to someone else to "fix it for us."  This program brings up all kinds of deep stuff; and we need to learn how to deal with that stuff.  It's been a great journey so far!"   ~Lisa

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