January 01, 2019


What a ride 2018 was.

I don't know about you, but for me personally- it was one helluva _________ (insert your own imaginative word here)

Do you remember that carnival ride- the one that you sat strapped in- it flung you around, up and down and spun you around? I think it was called a "Tilt-A-Whirl"

That's what 2018  felt like for me.

How was it for you?

 Look back for a moment and journal:

  • One thing you did this year that you’re proud of.
  • One mistake you made and the lesson you’ve learned.
  • One limiting story you’re ready to let go of f

NOW, ask yourself:  What do you want to Create in 2019?

Before we begin, remember that t's imperative to honor what we are feeling so that we may take care better care of of ourselves.

This includes honoring what we are feeling, being thankful for all that we have and appreciating where we are.

YOU HAD THE POWER ALL ALONG, you just need a little support!

Are you ready to:

===>Release fear and doubt?

===>Gain Self-Confidence?

===>Get Clarity on your next steps?

===>Be more Focused and Inspired?

After hearing your many requests to have some of my teachings in a more affordable format- and a self- study, I'm happy to announce my new "Create Change- Self Study; 4 Weeks to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs so you can Live a Life of Purpose."

Need more support navigating this precious life?

What happens after we work together is you will have a renewed sense of purpose and recommitted to your  own power. (we work on better boundaries, learning out to trust their own intuition and gaining confidence like you've never even dreamed of!)

Here's to making 2019 Your Best Year Yet!!

love, cathie

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“Celebrate your own special spirit,
fly on the wings of your secret dreams”
                                               ~Laurel Burch                                                                                                                       
We all have secrets. 💕                                                                                                  
Secret dreams, wishes and desires that we keep close to our hearts.
We dare not speak them, afraid to give them wings that will carry them off- never to be seen again.
We dare not speak them so they stay close to us; and safe in a comfortable cocoon.
We dare not share them, so they stay imaginary and free from judgment.
As you read this, think about your own secret dream

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Change is in the Air!

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Change is in the Air!🎁
This is a year like no other🎉
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