Letter to YOU




Dear One:


You are loved beyond words, beyond measure- you must embrace your capacity to transform the world as you continue to transform yourself.  The beauty and gifts that lie within your heart are merely waiting to be tapped.  They have been with you all along.  Let go of all the fears, doubts and worries you have held so tightly and allow yourself to relax into your true nature.  Your true self knows no boundaries!  Know and breathe into the golden light of the Divine Sun that dwells within.  Allow the old paradigm to be shed from your energy field and release your struggles.  From this moment forward, set your intention to fully embrace your True Divinity, Wisdom and Higher Self. 

Step forward into your new life with clarity and joy!  You are a master of your Divine Creations!  Live in Joy!    



Your Higher Self


This is the result of an exercise that I did many years ago- and one that I still recommend to clients. I was going through a very difficult time, and found it hard to keep centered. Among my pleas to the Universe- begging for help and guidance; I wrote in my journal, that I was surrendering all of my attachments to the outcome.

After I wrote down my request to the Universe for help, asking "what should I do?"

I sat quietly for a few minutes.  The next thing I knew, is this (above) poured out of me- and onto the paper.  I knew it came from higher wisdom, as I don't normally speak like that.  


It is a simple exercise that you can try on your own. 

Here are the steps:

1) Sit quietly with a journal and pen by your side. 

2) Write down a question that you've been wanting to ask, or for guidance on something you are working through.

3) Feel yourself connecting to the Universal Wisdom and feel your heart expanding.

4) Let the energy flow through you, and begin to write down what comes to you. Let the words come through- and don't judge.

 Try it and let me know how it unfolds for you~ The Angels and Guides and your Higher Self are waiting to help!

love, cathie

I'm curious to hear how this exercise works out for you!

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