New Beginnings – September 2015 News

August 31, 2015

New Beginnings – September 2015 News

“There is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings.”  
~J. Robert Moskin

Happy September to all!

It is with much Gratitude that I share these times of new beginnings!

Since 2004, I’ve had the pleasure and the honor of serving the community by providing wonderful gems and crystals; and handmade jewelry. I’ve also had the honor of helping many people live more fully from their hearts and to help them make positive changes in their lives. Since I live what I teach, I am fully aware that there is a time for everything; and that everything shifts and changes.

The expansion of Jewels of the Lotus into Absolute Yoga Studio in Woodbury- brings a new extension to my business~ This new venture will allow me to connect with many more souls and to be aligned with a whole new community!

These past years have brought me to a place of sheer joy and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me every day! I am grateful for every moment of every day- for those who have touched my life, and for those whose lives I may have touched. We are all connected, and are part of the bigger cosmic picture- and our goal is to continue to awaken humanity. To share our individual gifts and unique talents that will serve the whole is part of the Divine plan.

Recently, my business and life purpose has experienced an amazing shift in energy~ This shift has brought a renewed sense of spirit and purpose to my life and I am forever grateful. I now awaken each day with a very grateful heart and tell myself over and over how blessed I truly am. My heart is filled with love and it transcends all business matters and details. Part of my purpose and work in the world at this time, is to provide a peaceful haven where souls can come to relax and to re-connect with their inner joy. My gifts lie in the ability to choose the right stones and keep them until the next owner comes along. I am truly blessed that I kept trusting in my path- and business has changed accordingly. But, I don’t do this work in the old way of being a hard driven, succeed at all costs, type of person. My new business model is operating from a pure heart- one that is aware, community minded and constantly seeking to grow. Yes, and although I’m aware of my divinity, I’m also connected to my human-ness…and part of the bigger picture.

So, let’s focus this month on the pure heart- that lies within each and every one of us! Let’s open the petals of the flower within and offer up the parts of us that no longer serve us- let’s pay attention to details that we may have glossed over, and focus instead on the real work. Narrow your focus, notice what your distractions are, see and feel what is truly important to you and your work, and let go of the rest. Same for relationships- while being in relationship can help us to learn more about ourselves- there can come a time when the union no longer serves. While not every interaction can be magnificent, they can serve to teach us what we can tolerate and what is not nurturing to us.   The roles of being caregiver, and enabler or putting others needs first, is over. At the same time, it is important to understand that sometimes coming through for another helps the soul growth. Being grateful for those who have come through for you in turbulent times speaks volumes to the level of connection- and it is important to share our gifts and abilities with those around us.

Let’s get down to the deep, pure heart within and open to the joy that is all around us. Letting go of the past, forgiving ourselves and others for perceived mistakes, opening to the new is what this month is all about! Feel the golden energy in your pure heart- and live IN JOY!!

Remember to be Grateful and Celebrate your New Beginnings!

With love,

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