Newsletter! – October 2015 News

September 30, 2015

Newsletter! – October 2015 News

Once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted to follow her dreams~

She wanted to make a difference in the world and share her gifts with others. 

She opened a tiny store in a quaint little town called Sea Cliff – where she shared her passion for gems and crystals and working with energy. “They” laughed, and said she’d never make it….

After 2 years, in 2006, she opened a bigger store across the street.

Her passion was to create a space of peace and sanctuary where people could re-connect with themselves. She re-named this space Jewels of the Lotus.

Motivated by the desire to help make a difference in peoples lives, she poured her heart into growing her business. Along the way, she has met so many fantastic people, that helped her to study many different modalities of healing.

Ignoring the naysayers, who thought that working with crystals and energy was too “woo-woo” and too “new-age-y,” She followed her heart anyway. Her love of Sound Healing brought her to playing the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, her love of helping others brought her to become a Transformational Life Coach, a Reiki Master, her love of gifting the Gratitude Rocks, Divine Dining, and all the other programs still inspire her to continue study to this day.

Fast forward to 2015, another opportunity to expand her reach appeared. She has expanded to a new location at Absolute Yoga Studio, where she will continue to follow her passion in making a difference in people’s lives. Jewels of the Lotus is now a part of the larger Living Lotus Group. She is still committed to creating a peaceful haven in this wonderful new location!

The location of the shop has changed, the desire to help people to Transform their lives has not. The address has changed, the phone number (516 759 1217) has not.

She wants everyone to know that she is awed and humbled by the outpouring of stories – shared by many people who have had some incredible moments and the insights that have changed the course of their lives.

She wants you also to know that she doesn’t take this task (of helping people) lightly. She is fully committed and dedicated to helping people make positive and healthy choices in their lives.

Whatever the location, either on-line, or in Woodbury, or at many of the other places she travels to; rest assured that she is very GRATEFUL for all.

Namaste ~  cathie

September 2015 Newsletter

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