Why Are You Here? 7 Ways to Live ON Purpose


“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”

~Marianne Williamson

Why are you HERE?   Here are 7 Ways to live ON purpose~

By Catherine Epstein          livinglotusgroup.com

Are you living your life ON purpose? Or is life just happening to you, just winging through your day? It is amazing to me how many people still feel like they aren’t important. 

In my coaching practice, I am passionate about helping people to re-connect with themselves!  It’s all about re-connecting with your higher purpose and offering your gifts to the world. 

It’s time to own your power and who you are~ time to share your gifts with the world!

And, let’s be honest here.  Isn’t it time you made friends with yourself again?

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 7 Ways To Live your life ON Purpose 

Self-Acceptance~ Be aware of how you speak to yourself. Even self-deprecating talk can be damaging. Learn to observe your thoughts and actions without judging.   Your life has been a series of challenges and deep lessons that has all brought you to where you are right now.  Accept all of it! Fully!                                                                              

Creative Expression~ Within every person is a need to express.  How do you tap into that which wants to be expressed in your life?  Think about where your passions lie and re-connect with them.  Whatever makes you fully come to life is your connection to your higher purpose.                                                                                                  Get back in touch with whatever that is for you and go out and do it!

Let go of what holds you back~  Get to know your own energy.  Learn to identify who or what lifts you up in life, and identify who or what drags you down.  While sometimes we can’t avoid all negative people or situations in our lives; you can learn to let it pass through you without letting it stick to you.   It’s time to clear your energy!

Revitalize~  Stop complaining that you don’t have time for yourself.  (I know, I know) There is only one way to get time to re-charge. And, that is for you to give yourself permission.  Studies of the most successful and busiest people are showing that they make time for meditation- at least 20 minutes per day.  I know a woman who was overwhelmed and didn’t think she could commit, so she started with 3 minutes per day. She found it so helpful that she gradually worked her way up to 20 minutes is still doing over 1 year later. 

Mind your thoughts  Be very diligent about your thoughts.  Humans think over 50,00-70,000 thoughts per day!  (And, it’s not all about “what’s for dinner”)  Be aware of the ‘tapes’ we replay over and over again. But know that you CAN insert new tapes.  Neuroscience teaches us that we can re-train our brains.  (Google: Neuroplasticity and Scientific studies).  You can learn a new way to think, but like everything else, it takes practice, commitment and persistence!

Live Authentically  Be true to yourself once again.  Re-acquaint yourself with all the yearnings of your soul.  Re-Awaken to your true self.  Let go of doing things out of obligation and start doing things again from enthusiasm.  I know you have the ability to move beyond your fears. You have the courage to fully LIVE again!

Follow your Passion  I know that your passion is to feel re-connected to you life!  To once again feel AWAKE AWARE and ALIVE. Find the spark again that fuels the fire of your desires.  Remember, that when you live more fully from your heart, you affect the lives of those all around you- whoever you come in contact with, will feel that something special from you and it will help them rise to be their best self.

Don’t ever think that you are too small or insignificant to make a difference.  Make a ripple in your own pond. 

Play your part in the healing of the world!

Namaste~  cathie

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