January Newsletter


Can you feel the joy that is within your heart?

Can you feel the love that is all around you? 

Can you sense the magic that lies within? 

Take a stand in your life, be upright and courageous.

Believe that the heart is open to the full capacity to love whatever is winging it’s way toward you.

Accept with GRACE all that is in your life right now,

Love it and don’t fight it. 

Peace is your choice. 


“The best spiritual guide… is the one inside”

Welcome to 2016! This is the new year, the point of “new beginnings” for many of us- we have shed so much of the old, that we no longer resemble who we used to be. We are now purer, simpler, truer versions of ourselves- and are continuing to head in that direction.

This forward movement has been quite a ride. We have been bumped and bounced around, twisted inside and out, and purged, cleansed and purged some more. Look back for a moment at where you were a year ago…pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. While it has been a good year for some, and a not so good one for others- one thing is for certain…there has been a lot of change.

Now, notice where you are- right in this very moment. How is your heart feeling? Or is your mind racing a billion miles a minute? Step back for a moment and observe the mind- and your thoughts. Can you actually observe how the mind operates? If you are like most people, the thoughts are always going. Try this sometime; follow a thread of thought and see where it leads. Does it take you on some random journey into the realm of “what if?” or into the land of, “I wish I hadn’t done/said that?” The mind constantly goes into the past or future- and if you don’t keep vigilant, you will think that it is where the answers are. In your observation experiment, notice how many times you judge (yourself or others), go into fear, or worry. You just might be surprised.

Truthfully, the answers lie only in your heart. Not what the mind tells you, and not even what others say. There are many souls who will happily tell you what you should do, or give you advice.   But, how many times have you gone against your gut- only to realize later that you should have followed your own instincts? How many times have you placed your faith or trust in others because you thought they knew more? This year is going to be all about following your inner voice.

Truthfully, everyone has their own perspectives and filters and of course that will color how they see the world. Honing your discernment- and staying on the course of what feels right in your own heart- will serve you well. Or, put another way, “the best spiritual guide is the one inside”

So many things are fast forwarding into change that it is difficult to keep up! According to this person, or that spiritual teacher- the perspectives change as quickly as we change the “channel”…The point in all of this is to keep the focus on your inner awareness.

Furthermore, instant manifestation is upon us- and some are learning that lesson the hard way. It is imperative to keep very mindful of all the thoughts that go through the brain- continuing honing, refining, renewing, for you will surely manifest that which you focus on!

Simply put, manifesting what you do want is done in 3 very simple steps-

  • ask for what you need
  • align with the outcome
  • believe you will receive that or better, and let it go!

You may also have noticed that time is doing some funky things. Some days go sailing by, and some seem to stretch out. Things that happened a day ago feel like ancient history, and last summer feels like it was just yesterday. Or not. Most of us are living more in the present moment, focused on what is right here, right now. This alone changes our perceptions as we are not attached to the worry over what was or what is yet to come.

Last month, we talked about living peacefully, no matter what curveballs are being thrown at you. This continues to be the focus- as we embrace our inner guides. Let’s all continue to move forward with joy and shine the light of our true spiritual selves.

peace and abundant blessings,


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