There is Nothing I can Tell You

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"There is nothing I can tell you

That you do not already know.

There is no question that you can ask me

That you Yourself cannot answer.

You have just forgotten."

~ David Littlewood




Did you know that you already have the answers within?-

(and sometimes it takes a skilled life coach to help draw it out.)


Did you also know that most people expect far too much from themselves?


AND, we never give ourselves credit for the things we are doing right!


I know you are trying your best, facing challenges and handling a lot more than you give yourself credit for.


I also know that when you are feeling overwhelmed, it's easy to lose focus and to feel a bit lost .


I'm here to remind you to stop and give yourself a pat on the back.


Sometimes the reason we can't get clear on our answers

is that you've become disconnected from your inner being.


You might be running in 60 different directions and have lost

sight of what you truly want.


Does this sound familiar?


You're not alone and that's what I'm here for.


As I told you last week, due to the popularity and great results that I'm getting in the "Back on Track" coaching-

I want to offer you a chance to secure a spot before the

price increase on 2/29 (leap day!)

(you even have the option to pay in installments!)

 sign up HERE


Don't just take my word for it,



Before I made the decision to do the Back on Track coaching with Catherine; I was feeling wonky, scattered, unfocused and my energy was depleted. After the 3 sessions, I now feel my puzzle pieces are put back together, not discombobulated, I feel calm and centered!

To anyone thinking of hiring Catherine for coaching, I say:

Give yourself a new start and open up to all the possibilities that can come from working together with Cathy in 3 sessions. Whether back on track or a new direction, anything is possible.

You can put on New Glasses for your vision in the New Year!" ~SL


Let's get you back on track!

Get in before the price increase.


Wishing you a great week, a magical,

Joyful and much light to fill your heart.


love, catherine



Don't walk this path alone, find the support you need- Life is all about connecting and living from the place of joy within.



  LOVE to help people make peace with themselves

so they can quiet their minds,

and live more fully from their hearts- to walk with Power, Peace, Presence and Purpose.




PS:LAST CHANCE at this price! (ends Feb 29th!)

Don't miss it!


BACK ON TRACK- 6 week 1:1 Coaching Program, customized and designed just for you!! Still offering at pre-pandemic prices of $750 for the entire package (3 sessions, and so much more + Bonuses) Still the MOST POPULAR PACKAGE!


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