We Are Spirits in the Material World~ and One Way to Move Beyond Self-Imposed Limits!

October 24, 2016 4 Comments

Spirits in the Material World

"Don't feed the limits of your mind- instead, nourish the calling of your soul."  ~cathie  

 Powerful energies in the Universe right now, are showing us where we are not aligned with the highest truth.  This is reflected in both our inner world and our outer worlds. Personally, I am feeling the pull to live my deepest truth and that involves really digging deep into my soul wants and needs.

Recently, my soul called me to attend the Energy Psychology Conference, and I'm still integrating all of the things I learned.  There were 5 speakers~ all teachers of various modalities; who spoke about how we hold emotions and trauma in the body. These thought leaders each shared ways that we can pinpoint where emotions are held so that we can acknowledge and release them.  They showed us published studies with scientific data that show these modalities and techniques can help so many people.  The ultimate goal of these people (consisting of MD's and PHDs) is to bring these healing modalities to the mainstream medical community. 

The potential for this to transform our current medical model is astounding! 

So, what does all this mean for you?

When we understand how trauma and emotions are held in our energy field, we can then use the resources available to help healing. The mind/body connection is made and we can begin to restore our health to live our highest potential.

I'll simplify for you as best as I can: Here are the best lines from the conference:

  • "We are Spiritual Beings having a Spiritual Experience in a Physical World" ~not the typical "We are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience.
  • The mind operates like an overhead ceiling fan; it's constantly running~ (chatter chatter chatter), meditation helps to transcend this noise.
  • You can change your brain chemistry by changing your thoughts~ and re-wiring old patterning with new belief system.
  • The Nature of Nature is Energy (that's what you are)
  • The physical body is where the Heart and the Mind come together
  • Keep One eye on the inside- and One eye on the path
  • Forgiveness is the ultimate healing process


 Where do we go from here?

 Remember the song by the Police? "We are Spirits, are Spirits, in the Material World" 

My passion is to help you to identify and remove your limiting beliefs so you can  re-connect with the callings of your soul! Many people I work with are now realizing more fully that they are the creators of their lives and so they want to learn how to transcend all the things that have held them back.

 Well, we all know we are Spiritual Beings having a Spiritual  Experience on a Physical World.

 So, I'm going to ask you an interesting question.
 This requires What's your #1 Answer?
 Ooooh, are you curious? 
Have you lost your motivation, or just simply not feeling as connected as you used to?
I'm going to make a suggestion.
Try this simple thought provoking exercise:

Find a quiet space, get out your journal~                   

WRITE DOWN the answer to this question:

What you would be doing if you knew you could not fail?
I'm going to be completely honest with you here.  I've done this exercise before, at various stages of my life- and am always intrigued by my answer.  This time around, I did it a bit differently.  I brought my journal to the park, away from all of my distractions~ and asked myself the question.  Then, I just wrote freely at the answers that came to me. No thinking was allowed, I just allowed the thoughts to flow. Guess what? I was quite surprised at the answers I received, because it was quite enLIGHTening.  
No, I'm not going to share my answer with you yet.  (It is for a future post)  The point is this: So much has shifted and changed for many of us that sometimes, we don't even know what we want anymore.


Try this and let me know how this was for you.  If you found this helpful and would love to receive more INspirations, UPlifting Stories and Special Offers: CLICK HERE 

Can't wait to hear more from you!  ~love, cathie

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4 Responses


October 29, 2016

Thanks, Marylou for your kind comments! So happy to hear you are enjoying my inspirational writings! Much love, cathie


October 29, 2016

Hi Kathleen! Thank you so much for your comments~ I love to hear that my passion for helping others is serving as a beacon for others on the path. Can’t wait to hear about your insights from the little exercise- “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”… Sending love!


October 29, 2016

I have just read your inspirational note about helping people to achieve their highest potential. Kudos, keep on helping. Marylou.

Kathleen Bart
Kathleen Bart

October 29, 2016

I look forward to your posts Cathy. I admire your passion and your curiosity in living to your full potential with heart and soul, and fyour dedication in helping others do the same.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge and insights you learned at this conference. I will give some thought to “what would you do if you couldn’t fail?”

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