Peace is Possible

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Peace is Possible

Hear me out...
I recently had a client reach out. She was upset and anxious- the state of the world is overwhelming.
Furthermore, she was feeling hopeless.
We talked for a bit and I helped her strategize a way to help her move forward.
Although I could understand her fears- I had to tell her that I have reason to be optimistic.
Yes, there are things happening in the world that are frightening and breaking down, but I feel certain that we are reaching the shifting of consciousness.
But, these changes do not happen overnight, nor do they take place in a vacuum.
Change begins with each and every one of us.
So, how do we do that?
By looking deep within our own hearts and starting there.
I ask this simple question.
"What is in my control?"
Let the answer come to you as you let your attention stay in the present moment.... this is the key to mindful living.
Not always easy, but like a muscle, it gets stronger when we exercise it.
We need you, the world needs you.
Tap into your peaceful center and radiate it out into the world.
What conscious choices can you make this week?
I can't give you inner peace, but I CAN help you find it within yourself.
love, cathie
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Hear what Dana has to say:
"I'm so glad I made the decision to coach with Catherine. She is a wonderful coach and immediately helped me feel at ease and created a safe and welcoming space for us to work within. In only 3 calls I couldn't believe how much we covered (and uncovered) during the sessions. I felt a definite energetic shift each time and the visualizations and meditations were especially powerful and empowering. We had definite breakthroughs and I was able to release some trauma and old stories. Thank you again, Catherine."                                                                                                                 
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