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I've been a life coach for over 12 years- and I've never seen anything like this!

The entire world is taking a pause.  (see my article on the Cosmic Re-Set)

Everybody and every body is handling this traumatic event in their own way. Some are overwhelmed, numbing out, extreme anxiety, over-giving, eating, watching the news for hours at a time; or many other ways of coping.  I see people on the front lines; including the medical professionals, even the grocery store workers, and other essential staff- there are heroes among us and plenty of heartwarming and heartbreaking stories. 

But, this I DO KNOW:  That we are a strong people and we don't give up easily. We are ready to be there for others; and generally put our needs aside while attending to those less fortunate.  

You can see the heart of humanity during a crisis; and boy are we witnessing a big one now.  

To be clear; there is no going back to "normal."  I fully believe that on the other side of this, we will be more aware of what is truly important,  and where we've squandered our time and energy. 

Many of you have asked me how you can follow my teachings and learn some new ways of living, being, eating and to live a life of more meaning, and purpose- and how you can prepare to come out on the other side of this as a more conscious and mindful person.  


There's no going back- it's time for us to look ahead.


To make it easy, I've created this directory of offerings.  Some are free, some are low cost, and some are a bit of an investment....but ALL are designed to help you to live more authentically, more fully from your heart so you can move forward into a life of meaning and purpose.  



15 Minute complimentary session to help you with peace and clarity. Fill out Simple questionnaire HERE


 30 or 60 minute Intuitive Reiki/Relaxation Session customized for YOU. Special price $65 or $135 per session

Click HERE to purchase


Join the  FREE Facebook  Group: Find Your Peace with Catherine===> CLICK HERE



ENTER INTO STILLNESS:  21 Days to develop a Meditation Practice all in just 3-5 minutes per day. Using this proven method; you'll be able to incorporate it into your daily life in a very easy way. CLICK HERE to purchase $27  

CREATE CHANGE: 4 Weeks (self-study) to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and learn the step-by-step method to Create Change in your life! Study on your own time, in your own home!  CLICK HERE to purchase $97 


THE DIVINE DINING METHOD CHALLENGE: 21 Days to Transform your eating through Mindful Eating. Every day, you will receive an email in your inbox- with journal prompts, tips techniques to help you gain mastery at mealtime.  CLICK HERE to purchase: $47  


DARE TO DREAM: 6 Weeks to Master the Energy/Manifest Your Dreams. This course will bring about such profound changes in your life- (are you ready?) that you will come away with more confidence, clarity and courage to move toward the life of full potential!    $555 for the entire 6 Weeks (includes a 1 hour coaching session with me- a $300 value) Can't make it live? All calls are recorded for you to watch  CLICK HERE TO Read more and to REGISTER: (we begin in May!)  All on line in a Virtual class!


peace,  catherine

ps:  Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might find these tips and techniques helpful


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