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The Whole Heart

“Put LOVE behind all of your choices and you will create the reality of your dreams.”
 “Moving consciously through life at every turn leads to Freedom.”

We all know by now that putting your love and intention behind your choices brings you better results in what you wish to create.  This month, as the energies continue to intensify, I am reminded to stay true to my intention of manifesting JOY.  This means being aware of thoughts, emotions and letting yourself be in total flow with all that is going on around you.  It also means dropping judgment of people and situations and allowing them to just be.  We, as humans, seek to label the experience- ie: the traffic is bad, that person is mean, this is the greatest/worst thing that has ever happened -but when we just allow it to be, as simply the witness, our perspective changes. Removing judgment allows us to remain in our center and thus be more in balance.

 Making decisions from a high, clear perspective allows us to weigh the potentiality of the situation and to see what choice holds the most light for us.  We are now at the point in our evolution where we can choose the reality that will bring us the most growth.  Our answers already lie deep within and all we need do is to put our “ear to our hearts” and listen.  Letting go of fear and allowing the arms of our higher selves to carry us into the place of most light- is the best thing we can do.  We don’t need outside sources to guide us, we only need a clear head and a clear heart. 



Here are a few thoughts to help bring more clarity into your life:


-Clear the clutter in your life (both inner and outer)

~Clarify your intention and goal(s)

~ Focus on your heart

~Ask to remove limiting thoughts and fears

~Surround yourself with light

~Follow your energy (rest when you are tired)

~Vision each path and see which holds the most light for you

~Ask to be shown the next step toward your goal

~See yourself living the life of your dreams

~ Be a pillar of peace throughout your day


Put your whole heart behind your choices and your life will certainly lead you to magical places.  Put your whole being behind your choices and let yourself be shown the highest path. 


Remember to be the light that you are and shine! Shine the full light of your consciousness on your “life” and

watch what happens.  Act from your whole heart and align your will with the Divine Will. Set your heart free!


peace- cathie


And, Thank you for sharing your thoughts below~

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  • Catherine M Epstein on

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this blog! Glad you are enJOYing the reminders, Maureen.

  • Maureen Holohan on

    Thank you for always reminding me to act from my heart. I can always count on you to remind me what is really important and how to move through my days aware and with love.

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