At the Crossroads- The Bridge to Your Future

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"Don't let the past affect your future" 


I'm fascinated by Bridges... 


✔Crossing them

✔Building them

✔Burning them


Throughout the years, I have always been intrigued by bridges- both physically and metaphorically. Covering both coasts, I've walked across the George Washington Bridge in New York, and I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 


Each time, I found walking across both exhilarating and frightening at the same time- hundreds of feet up in the air; swirling waters below- wind whipping my hair. I walked as close to the inside rail (closer to the traffic) than to the water side. I walked briskly- heart pounding; yet didn't want to stop and going back was not an option. 


Something propelled me forward- and although I don't quite know what it was- there was no choice but to move along.


Luckily, a stranger stopped and asked me to take a picture of him and his wife; I handed him my camera and asked for the same. 


 I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge! It Was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I highly recommend breaking out of your comfort zone- it certainly does wonders for the soul! (and yes, it was very windy!)


Let's talk about metaphorical bridges- I find it fascinating that we refer to stepping into the unknown as "crossing bridges into your new life: Or; when we've cut someone or something out of our lives- it's "don't burn your bridges." or as we progress in our careers- we refer to "building bridges..."


But there's something deeper here.


Bridges represent crossing a challenge. Maybe it's the raging river below, or a rocky chasm. Whatever the challege is; the Bridge is the method to carry us into the new.


Let's go further.


I do believe in letting the past go- and freeing up the space to create the NEW.


It makes sense to use the imagery of bridges to forge the way into a new life.


Bridges- let them be the way to transition to new lands; to seek new experiences and enjoy new adventures!  


In some ways, this year has been about leaving the past behind- and crossing the BRIDGE into our highest potential!


ARE YOU READY to cross the bridge to your new life??


Love, cathie

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