21 Keys to a Peaceful Life


21 Keys to a Peaceful Life:

1) Own your power
2) Know you are the master of your creations
3) Your relationship to self is the most important one
4) Know that you are always protected
5) Take time for yourself everyday
6) Lovingly parent your inner child
7) Know that we are all ONE
8) Practice non-attachment
9) Simplify your life
10) Every interaction is an opportunity to heal
11) Practice Forgiveness
12) Look for the positive in all situations
13) Be aware of the Divinity within
14) Practice Living a Peaceful life  in all aspects of your life
15) Become a Spiritual Warrior
16) Live with Integrity
17) Be humble
18) Have a Gentle Heart
19) Be non-reactive
20) Live consciously
21) Be the embodiment of Spirit On Earth



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