January 2014 Newsletter


“To stay present in everyday life, it helps to be deeply rooted within yourself: otherwise, the mind, which has incredible momentum, will drag you along like a wild river.”
~Eckhart Tolle 

This is the dawning of a new year- and a new way of being! Usher it in and welcome it with open arms! The way you would an old friend, who dropped by for coffee and a chat.

If we can look at how far we’ve come, without judgment, we can appreciate with fresh eyes the life we’ve led. If we can forgive ourselves, and forge a new path onward, we clear the way toward freedom. If we can rise above the mind chatter and observe our thoughts, we can distance ourselves from negative self-talk. By observing the mind from a higher perspective- we learn so much about the energy that nurtures us and the energy that drags us down.

Isn’t it amazing how the human mind works? One minute, we can come up with a fabulous idea- and after some time of ruminating…we can all of a sudden dream up scenarios, “what ifs” and a short time later, we’ll have talked ourselves out of such a crazy idea. Thoughts can move around like a washing machine on ultra-spin cycle…or sometimes we feel like we’re on a boat adrift at sea, or on a class 10 wild water rapid ride!

Wouldn’t you like to be steering that boat instead of being dragged along? Wouldn’t you rather be in the flow of the river- moving with the current and feeling the water as soothing and supportive? Observe your thoughts in any given moment and you might be surprised what you find. Part of the human condition- to dwell in the past or conjure up what might happen in the future To get sucked in by what is happening outside of us, reacting to stress, pressure pulls us, tugs us and eats us alive. By noticing our tendency toward the building momentum of the mind- we can begin to detach, and simply allow ourselves to be.

This is a new year, a new beginning – and every moment, every day a chance to renew. Step out of the old habits like shedding an old skin- and make peace with where you are right now. Instead of making the same old resolutions, simply say YES to yourself. Make peace with where you are, how you have gotten here, the story that has led you to this place. All things can be reborn in a new perspective and a new moment.

Link up the wisdom of the heart with the logical mind and step into the flow of the universe!

Visioning a very peaceful and abundant New Year for all!
Love, cathy

~Consult your own inner wisdom.
~Balance logic and intuition
~Learn how to say YES to your life-
~Make time to connect with your dreams, desires, passions and visions.
~Find the joy within

We are all individual instruments and notes of the same symphony!
The Paradox of our age:

Life is an amazing Paradox!
Wanting something, yet releasing attachment to it.
Being open-minded yet mindful of being too open
Staying grounded, yet ready to fly
Wanting connection, yet being comfortable with being alone
Honoring independence, yet knowing when to ask for help
Planning ahead, and also being in the moment
Keeping an eye on the destination, and relishing the journey
Having less time for ourselves, but an increased need for self-care
Loving everyone, but being okay with not liking everyone
Celebrating fear, but not getting caught up in it
Honoring our story, yet releasing attachment to it
Focusing on the whole and staying true to the ONE

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