Transformational Life Coaching with Catherine

Catherine teaching a class

"I show people who struggle with overwhelm and lost focus; the way to regain their confidence to live more fully from their hearts, so they can create a life they love!"

Transformational Life Coaching

Catherine Epstein’s specialty is helping people live more fully from their hearts! This is ideal when you are looking to make a change in your life and are needing extra support and accountability.

"Catherine has been an incredible source of guidance and clarity in my life. She not only helped me craft an attainable list of goals, but also provided the framework to implement those goals. I would recommend her to anyone desiring to take that next step in their life."

Studies have shown that it is possible to make changes when you are fully heard and held in a safe space. All clients are held in that safe space. 


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Working with Life Coach, Catherine Russo Epstein 

"When I first came see Catherine, I was feeling spiritually bereft, depressed, anxious, confused, scattered, and was having tail bone pain.  NOW, I am calmer, hopeful, invigorated, more clarity & focus, inspired, spiritually awakened, absence of tailbone pain.  
Cathy is gifted. Her talents have helped me tremendously, in 3, short sessions. I’m coming back for more. Excited & grateful!" ~JoJo " <===

 Limited space available for one-to-one private coaching! 

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