The Divine Dining Method (DIY- online course)

Not a diet, Not a cookbook!  A whole new approach to eating

"Mindless, unconscious eating is one of the biggest road blocks on the road to eating healthfully. "The Divine Dining Method" provides effective tools to break through this common obstacle. Catherine Epstein's essays, exercises, journal prompts and meditations gently guide you towards eating with grace, gratitude, and mindfulness. "The Divine Dining Method" teaches you how to transform your eating habits with kindness, acceptance and love."

If you’ve been looking to finally let go of old eating patterns and transform your relationship with food you may want to take a look at this unique approach being offered by Catherine Russo Epstein, Author, and Creator of the Divine Dining Method.

In this powerful “Virtual Coaching Program” bringing awareness to this critical aspect of our health & ultimate happiness is a powerful way to transform your eating habits. 

In just 21 Days, you will find yourself on a journey that will help you to identify and release any food issues that you may have been struggling with.

Read what recent clients had to say:

 "Catherine's book and on-line course is a game changer. If you struggle with mindless or emotional eating, this book can help you break through your old patterns to develop new and healthy ways of viewing food and the act of eating. This concise, easy-to-read book will become a reference tool you can come back to again and again to help inspire and encourage a more loving and positive relationship with food. The Divine Dining Method not only serves as a gentle, supportive guide to eating more mindfully and with purpose, but also instills hope for anyone who feels lost or stuck in old, unhealthy patterns. Let Catherine and her amazing book teach you new tools to transform your relationship with food, and support you along your journey to living a healthier and more satisfying life."

YES, Catherine! I'm READY!...  Click the ADD TO CART button below and let's get started!  You will receive a signed copy of the book, the 7 day booklet, the 7 Day Crystal set, the 7 day affirmation cards, daily meditations, journal prompts, the full 21 Day step-by-step workbook , full access to our secret Facebook Group, and community support from people just like you who are wanting to transform their relationship with food!

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