Power of Three Bracelet Set: I AM WOMAN
Power of Three Bracelet Set: I AM WOMAN
Power of Three Bracelet Set: I AM WOMAN - The Compassion Collective
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Power of Three Bracelets: I Am Woman

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Embrace your inner goddess and GET EMPOWERED!

Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic abilities, helping with feminine issues. Carnelian opens the wearer to creativity, balances female systems, and gives courage. Bloodstone offers strength and courage, aids vitality and helps to heal blood disorders.

PURCHASE FOR A PURPOSE: 20% of all proceeds are donated to the Compassion Collective, an organization dedicated to helping homeless American youth and refugee children.

The pictured set contains moonstone, carnelian, and bloodstone. Due to the unpredictable and wonderful nature of supply of these natural gemstones, an appropriate substitution may be made at the discretion of LLG.

Special power bracelet sets! Each set includes 3 stretchy gemstone power bracelets with gem property cards, and a beautiful silk/rayon Fair Trade pouch that was handmade in Nepal (sorry, no choice in color of pouch). Several great sets to choose from! The stones in these sets have been carefully selected to help you embrace the qualities that you wish to embody.


Enhances intuition and psychic abilities
Stone of "New Beginnings"
Helps with feminine issues


Opens creativity
Balances female systems
Gives courage


Offers strength and courage
Aids healing of blood disorders

Aids vitality

When possible, our products are packaged in 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging for conscious gift giving!

As with all natural stones, the actual color, size, shape and markings will vary. Items shown in the display photographs are for representation only.


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