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Gratitude Rocks 12 Pack

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Introducing our Gratitude Rocks 12 Pack – a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their life with positivity and pay it forward to others! As Norman Vincent Peale once said, "When you discover the wonder of giving, you will wonder how you could have lived so long in any other way." Each pack contains 12 assorted stones, all with unique energy properties that will keep you grounded and uplifted throughout your day. And, to make it even more special, each stone comes with a Gem Property card to explain its unique energy properties. These Gratitude Rocks are perfect for sharing with those who touch your life. Whether it's a kind stranger on the street or a loved one who needs a boost, these rocks will serve as a constant reminder to keep the energy of gratitude flowing. So, join us in our mission to make the world a better place – one small act of kindness at a time. Order your Gratitude Rocks 12 Pack today and experience the overflowing joy and positivity that comes from sharing with others.

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