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The Divine Dining Method - 21 Day Challenge

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The Divine Dining Method 21 Day Challenge

This low cost way to ease you into learning how to bring a Mindful Eating practice into your life. It's fun, easy and all can be done in your own home. 

21 Day Challenge to help support you and keep you mindful of eating throughout your busy day!

Here's what a recent participant had to say: "I am really blown away by the daily affirmations & instructions in the 21 Day Divine Dining Challenge.  This is just what I needed right now, so I'm really grateful.  I'd like to schedule a complimentary session to explore how I can work with you in the future. "~ KL

Learn the ways the Divine Dining Method can keep you focused on a simple process that allows you to eat ALL of your favorite foods, without the stress and emotional eating that sometimes happens at busy times of our lives.

You'll get: 
* 21 days of Daily Inspirations sent directly to your inbox, Tips, Techniques and journal prompts to keep you focused
* Exclusive membership to our secret Facebook group where you will interact with other members and get guidance from Catherine herself. a BONUS, you'll receive a signed copy of my newly released book "The Divine Dining Method".

~The Divine Dining Method Book (signed by the author)


~ACCESS TO SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP so you can share with the others in the program

~MANY HELPFUL IDEAS AND TIPS to help you along the path to making peace with food

~TOOLS to Identify and Transform your individual eating patterns


~WAYS TO GAIN CONTROL and MASTER over your eating habits

All for only $47 (for a limited time only)!

Course value $97

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