E-Book Introduction to Crystals
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An Introduction to Crystals: E-Book by Catherine Epstein

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Have you been curious about how to incorporate gems and crystals into your life? Do you have a bowl of crystals that you've collected over the years and are not sure what to do with them? If you've ever been looking for a more grounded perspective on the incredible energy of crystals, look no further~

Graduate Gemologist and Reiki Master Catherine Epstein's step-by-step guide to choosing and using healing crystals. Learn about the healing properties of common crystals, crystals and their corresponding chakras, and tips and tricks to incorporating crystals into your daily life so that you can reap the benefits of nature's precious gems! 



This book is not intended to replace medical care by a licensed practitioner; instead, it is an introductory supplement to the practice of spiritual crystal healing.

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