Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

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In this time of awakening, we are all rediscovering our innate abilities to tune in to frequencies. We now realize that the universe and everything in it is moving to specific tones and vibrations. Now more than ever, we are all embracing our individual ability to recognize not only the purity and clarity of energy contained in a given frequency, but how it effects us mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Clean, positive vibrations are what we all are striving to connect to, and quartz crystal singing bowls are now recognized as powerful tools to assist in this process. Crystal Tones® crystal singing bowls are made with ONLY THE HIGHEST GRADE quartz crystal that is guaranteed to be 99.992% pure! No other crystal singing bowl can claim this level of purity because Crystal Tones® uses quartz from the most sought after mine in North Carolina known worldwide for its unsurpassed quality.

Crystal Tones® singing bowls are produced on a one-of-a-kind custom-built machine that utilizes a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This allows for the absolute highest magma temperature during production, and creates a highly stable crystalline matrix in every Crystal Tones® singing bowl. This is a quality difference you can clearly hear and feel.

For the highest quality and purest tone, look for the Crystal Tones® logo to insure you are making a sound choice in your crystal singing bowls.

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All singing bowls are shipped with a suede mallet and O-Ring.