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Lotus Box

Have you ever received a gift that truly spoke to your soul? You were touched to your core and felt that this was a gift you will always cherish. Now, think of how she will feel when she opens up this carefully selected gift filled with gems and crystals that are perfectly suited to her needs. 

The Lotus Box is a customize spiritual kit filled with jewelry, meditations and healing stones tailored to your individual needs, brought to you exclusively by Living Lotus Group

Choose from five themes to find the Lotus Box to best serve you; or take the quiz to determine which Lotus Box is your perfect fit:

LOVE: designed to open your heart to the loving energy that surrounds you, helping you to develop more authentic relationships and embrace the love of yourself and others!

PEACE: designed to help you enter into a place of stillness, rediscover your center, and carry a sense of peace with you wherever you may go.

INTUITION: designed to connect you with your spirituality and your higher self, helping you to tap into your natural intuition and your heart center, and aid with your meditation and divine practice.

RENEWAL: designed to reinvigorate your spirit, align you with your higher purpose, and set you on your path to becoming your best self.

CONFIDENCE: designed to empower you, helping you tap into the spirit of confidence within, embrace spontaneity and creativity, and learn to be (and LOVE) yourself!


  • Three Power Bracelets
  • Heart Stone
  • Stone Angel
  • Three Gratitude Rocks
  • Meditation CD
  • 20% Off Coupon valid for your next Jewels of the Lotus online purchase

FULL RETAIL VALUE: $150 Introductory price:  $99

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