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Chakra Crystals Reiki Pouch

BALANCE TO GO! What a way to take your PEACE with you...

I've been selling these in my bricks and mortar shop for years and have had so many requests to make it available in my on-line shop!

Here is an amazing pouch complete with 8 healing crystals + Property Cards for use with your Reiki clients or for yourself.

Each pouch includes:

ROOT: Red Jasper
SACRAL: Carnelian
SOLAR: Calcite
HEART: Aventurine
THROAT: Angelite
THIRD EYE: Sodalite
CROWN: Amethyst

Infused with Love, Intention and Reiki Energy! Includes a gem property card for each stone; all lovingly assembled in an Organza Pouch.

Carry the LOVE with you! NAMASTE~

note: picture is for representation purposes ...each kit is custom crafted for YOU!

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