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Divine Dining

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UNLIMITED SUPPORT:Join our closed Facebook group where you will guided and supported daily. Receive additional instruction, and share your experiences and breakthroughs!

You will receive extra support from certified health coaches and the author of Divine Dining. You’ll also receive more bonus materials to enhance your Divine Dining experience!

The Divine Dining Kit -including The Divine Dining booklet, 7 stones, 7 property cards and a handmade silk/rayon bag.

The Divine Dining Workbook

7 Daily Guided Meditations (available as MP3 downloads)

Bonus Meditations!

It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you. ~ Anonymous

Diving Dining

Transform Your Relationship With Food. Have you been looking to finally let go of old eating patterns and transform your relationship with food?

Diving Dining e-Book

This 16 page workbook is available as an e-book! Not a diet, but a supreme act of self-love. The energy that you put into the act of eating is the key to transformation.

Diving Dining Kit

This 14 page workbook comes with a gemstone kit and complete instructions.It includes a 7 day conscious eating program and affirmations to help you change the way you eat. Transform your body using ancient techniques, modern tools and expanded awareness! Simply by putting positive love and intention toward healthier eating habits, you will make sweeping changes in your life. You will be able to tap into your own natural healing abilities and become a master of your own world.

A 7-day conscious eating program and affirmations to help you change the way you eat.


  • Divine Dining booklet
  • Handmade silk/rayon bag
  • 7 corresponding stones
  • 7 affirmation cards
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